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Make Your Move Cheaper with These 5 Tips

Moving is a lot of work, and if you’re not careful, it can be a lot of money as well. Many people try to cut costs by moving without a professional company, but this means providing your own packaging materials, renting a truck, and other unforeseen costs. At Coffey Bros, we know the ins and outs of a safe and affordable move and we want to share them with you, here are 5 tips to make your move just a little bit cheaper.

1. Borrow, or Buy Used Boxes: A great way to skip overpriced moving material costs is to borrow boxes from a friend, buy used boxes from someone who has recently moved, or visit local shops at the end of the day when they’re clearing out their receiving room of empty boxes. Used boxes work just as well for packing and moving, but be sure that they are in good shape and intact. There’s nothing worse than packing a box full, only to have one side rip out while you’re loading it onto a truck.

You can also use this method of collecting packing equipment to gather up used packing paper, bubble wrap, and other items that friends or acquaintances have recently used by are no longer in need of. Online buy and sell sites are an excellent resource to find individuals who are looking to get rid of packing materials following a move.

2. Hire Movers for Part of a Service: Can’t afford to hire movers to pack up you flat, load and unload the truck, and help you move furniture into your new home? No problem! Look for a moving company that offers partial moving services. Some movers offer packing or transport only, which can cut the price of using a professional service in half. Get all the expertise of an experienced moving team to help with the heavy lifting without paying a heavy price.

3. Use Available Storage Containers for Transport: Exhausted all opportunities for extra boxes and packing paper and left to your own devices? Take advantage of the available storage options already in your home. Large plastic storage tubs, suitcases, and gym duffel bags all make great tools for transporting from the old place to a new one. Not only are they free and accessible, but most use soft fabric, or sturdy plastic which will protect your belongings during the move.

If you don’t have enough storage containers to transport everything in your home, take over the small things in a few trips throughout the week before you move the big items. A few trips with plastic totes can get rid of books, cutlery, pots, and pans, and leave behind couches, chairs, and shelves which don’t require boxes for moving.

4. Hire Local Movers: If you do want to hire a team of professionals to help with the entirety of your move, but you don’t have the money for big business chain retailers, shop local. Local moving companies often offer discounts and deals to newcomers, and you have the added bonus of helping a community business. Shop around to find a good price, and call to ask about discounts that might be available for local moves.

5. Call Some Friends: Skip the movers altogether, and get your furniture from point A to point B for the cost of gas money, pizza, and some beers. Hosting a moving party is a great way to get all of your friends and family involved, and have a good time in the process. Have a barbeque, or order in, and snack away while you move. Load your sound system last, so you can play some tunes while you work, and not only will you save a bundle, you might find that the process goes by much quicker.

Having friends help move can also save money on renting a moving van, if you know somebody with a truck. For small packed boxes, have everybody load up their trunks and take them over on the last trip of the day. Before long you’ll be moved in and ready to throw a housewarming party instead of a moving party.

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