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Northbrook Movers

Established in 2010, Coffey Bros. Moving puts a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. Locally owned and operated, our experienced movers treat every client as they would their own neighbor, from large scale corporate transports to small family moves. Our team is trained to provide the same high standards and quality customer experience to everyone we service.

Coffey Bros. Moving sets ourselves apart from the competition by providing an all-inclusive moving experience from beginning to end. Our unique list of moving services includes a personal concierge service to support your through your relocation. Your personal concierge works with you from the beginning of the process when you provide detailed customer information for your move, right down to the last box that enters your new home or office. Let us take some of the weight of your move off of your shoulders, so that you can enjoy the final results, instead of worrying about the journey there.

Services offered through Coffey Bros. Moving includes:

Residential Moving: Perhaps the most popular of our moving services is residential moving. It can take a lifetime to build up your home just the way you like it, and we want to see each and every item transported in just the same condition it was lovingly packaged in.

Office Moving: It isn’t just residential moves we focus on here at Coffey Bros., we also specialize in corporate moves. Whether you’re in a large building, or a small office, we can help you and your employees organize the workload, pack your belongings, and transport it all to a new facility. From desk chairs to photo copiers, you can rest assured that each item will be carefully packaged and moved to your new location without fail.

Packing for Moving: Moving and unsure where to start organizing and compartmentalizing your life? No problem! Coffey Bros. Movers has been helping clients pack and move for almost a decade. Our master movers are adept at handling fragile trinkets, priceless heirlooms, and family treasures. With skills that would impress even the most experienced Tetris player, you’ll be surprised at how much can really fit into one box while still being packed with extreme care.

Moving to Storage: Not all moving jobs involve bringing furniture to a new home or office, plenty of our clients require storage space and a way to get their belongings there. Here at Coffey Bros., we offer the unique opportunity for you to transport and store your treasures with all the same professionalism and care we lend to every other moving job. Whether you’re packing up the summer gear until next year, or require space to store furniture while you take a yearlong sabbatical through Europe, we’ve got your back.

Labor Only Services: Coffey Bros. may specialize in moving, but we don’t mind taking customizing your move to your preferences. Our sturdy team of movers can step in to perform all the heavy lifting, and then let you transport your furniture as you see fit. Looking to rent a truck for your move but concerned about straining your back with that bulky couch? Don’t suffer an injury to avoid asking for help, our friendly staff is always happy to lend a hand, no matter how large or small the task.

Furniture Delivery and Setup: It isn’t just moving from one home to another where Coffey Bros. can offer assistance. If you require help getting new furniture from the store to your home or office, we’ll be there. With years of experience dismantling and rebuilding customer furniture for moves, you can bet that our team of professionals will have your new home furnishings in place and in perfect working order in no time. Why struggle trying to fit heavy boxes into your car, unload furniture into your home alone, and waste time putting it together? Instead, call Coffey Bros. and enjoy the finished product.

Whether moving a short distance, or across the state, Coffey Bros. has you covered. Our team of dedicated professionals handle every item with care, transporting your treasures from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. Moving is stressful enough without worrying about the condition of your belongings, trust Coffey Bros. to get your things where they need to be.

Coffey Bros. is proud to announce that we are now serving the beautiful Chicago suburb of Northbrook. With a stunning view of the Chicago river, and a rich city history, we’re happy to call Northbrook home. Call to learn more about our new location at 707 Skokie Blvd. in Northbrook, Illinois, 60062, or visit us today!

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