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7 Things to Leave Unpacked When You Move

There are some things that just shouldn’t get packed until the last possible moment. This is because you’ll likely be using them right up until the day you move, and maybe even after. Worried you’ll pack the things you need in a hurry and have to dig them out later? At Coffey Bros Moving, we’ve packed plenty of homes, including our own, which is why we’re offering these 7 tips on items to leave for later.

1. Toiletries and Toilet Paper: This is an obvious choice, because you’ll be using your toilet paper and other toiletries right up until moving day. In fact, these are items you may want to keep in a small portable bag all throughout your move. This can include makeup, deodorant, soap, and other small items you’ll want around on a day to day basis. There’s nothing worse than getting to the new house only to realize you’ve buried all your soap and toilet paper under boxes of books.

2. Cleaning Supplies: You’ll be cleaning before you leave, and cleaning the new place before you move in, so these items might as well stay mobile. You can purchase a cheap shower caddy, or other container from a dollar store or grocery store, and store wipes, cloths, sprays, and floor cleaners inside. Remember the broom, mop, and toilet brush as well. These items are bigger, but you’ll need them most days, and it would be a nuisance to go looking for them.

3. An Overnight Bag for Every Family Member: Don’t pack all of your underwear just yet, you’re going to need some of that during the move, and the first few days on the other side while you get organized. A great idea for clothing and everyday items, such as your hair brush and tooth brush, is to pack an overnight bag, like you would if you were travelling. Pack one bag per individual in your household. This will guarantee that all of the important things, like, tampons, and socks are close by.

4. Pet Food, and Toys: It isn’t just human members of your family who will need some items packed up and at the ready during moving day. Your furry friends will require food, water, treats, toys, and wedding as well. Don’t forget to leave your dog’s leash unpacked.

A great idea for pets while moving is to book them into a puppy or kitty day care. This might seem odd, but pet daycare businesses provide a safe and fun environment for your pet to stay while you transition from one house to the next. It keeps them out of harms way, and lowers their stress levels while strangers come in and out of the house.

5. Medication, and Other Necessities: For both humans and pets, vitamins and prescription medications are an important item to keep out of your moving boxes. Because these items tend to be in small packages, they can get lost easily, and you don’t want to be without them during or after the move. Store medications in a purse, makeup case, or pill box, and keep it in sight until you’re in your new home and can store things appropriately again.

6. Salt and Pepper: Not just your salt and pepper, but items that you use every day, which might get lost in the mix. Think about your staples, for example, if you always sprinkle flax on your oatmeal in the morning, or you’re used to having a protein shake at lunchtime, you’ll want these items handy. Anything you use daily should be left out until the end, or not packed at all, and simply transported over at the last minute.

7. Comfort Items for Kids: Your kids are creatures of habit, which is why the worst-case scenario during a move would be if you lost their favorite cuddle toy or comfort blanket. Any favorite items like teddy bears should be left out, and maybe even transported in the car with your child when moving day arrives.

Another kid-friendly moving tactic, is to leave out a few coloring books, board games, or other toys to keep them entertained before everything is unpacked at the new home.

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