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10 Items You Need for Moving Day

Moving day, a source of stress, excitement, anxiety, and joy. There is so much to remember to do, for both the new place and the old residence. Check out these ten moving day must-haves so you can focus your energy on other things, rather than remembering what to bring with you on moving day.

Identification & Other Essentials

Moving day is crazy, so a few of the recommended items to bring with you is your ID. You are going to want to purchase items and services, some of which may need to see a valid identification. Speaking of purchasing, you are going to need to bring your wallet, purse, debit card, or another form of payment. You cannot forget your cell phone either.


Glasses are an important one. Forgetting your glasses could be detrimental to you. Not only can you not see as well, but the lack of glasses may cause headaches, nausea, or other issues if you forget your prescription lenses. You definitely do not want to be sick when you are trying to get unpacked and settled into your new home.

Toilet Paper/Toiletries

There is nothing worse than getting to your new residence, needing to use the restroom and not having any TP to use. It may be smart to bring at least one roll for each bathroom in your new house, so they are all functional. Another essential toiletry to bring with you is soap. After using the bathroom, you are going to want to wash your hands, so a pumper of soap and a hand towel is a necessity. Other essential items include a toothbrush/toothpaste, face wash, pajamas, as well as a fresh set of clothes will be needed. The last thing that you are going to want to do is be frantically opening boxes before bed trying to find your jammies and toothbrush.

Trash Bags & Household Cleaners

One item that is often overlooked but needed on moving day is trash bags. You should have some handy at both your old residence as well as your new home. Once the movers have loaded up the house and set off for your new destination, you still have the task of cleaning. Make sure you have paper towels, some household cleaner, and trash bags to accomplish this task. Depending on how much cleaning you have to do, you may need a mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner, and dish rag as well.


One of the essential items you need to keep with you on move day is your medicines. Medications are not something that you want to be lost in a box somewhere. Plan accordingly to have prescriptions that are close to running out, refilled, as you most likely won’t be set up at a new pharmacy yet. Also, make sure to have a few days’ worth of your medications with you. In case a box was mislabeled or didn’t arrive on time, you won’t miss any medications.

A Black Marker & Tape

It is highly recommended that you label everything! It will make unpacking so much easier if you do. Get a good quality marker and write in big letters on the side of the box. Be sure to label boxes with glassware in it as FRAGILE as well as label each box by room. Lastly, good quality clear packaging tape is necessary to seal up last minute boxes. One thing you do not want to forget is a box cutter, knife, or pair of scissors to open all those boxes you carefully packed and sealed.


You are going to wake up starving the morning after the move. The last thing you want to do is rummage through a bunch of boxes looking for something to eat. Do yourself a favor and bring some fruit, bagels, or other easy breakfast food to get your day started.

Phone Charger

Your phone is going to get used a lot on move day, and your battery will be dead by nightfall. You need to make sure you have your charger with you to charge the phone quickly and allow you to use it as a nightlight and alarm clock for in the morning.

Moving Checklist

Is everything out of the house? Did you remember to call all the utility companies? The day of the big move is stressful, and it is hard to remember to do everything without a checklist. Do yourself a favor and make up a moving checklist.

Spirits & Other Beverages

Move day is over and night has arrived. Everything made it in one piece to the new residence. You just want to sit back and relax with a cold beverage or glass of wine. Oh no! Where is it packed? You don’t want to run into this situation. It is wise to bring the alcohol with you and not in a moving van. Some moving companies have rules that prohibit them from transporting alcohol. Check with your moving carrier for this particular list of forbidden items.

So there you have it! Ten essential items you need for moving day. Let the unpacking begin…

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